Larry's Journal: February 2005

Monday, February 28

Hello Again

Its been a while sice I last blogged. I'm sorry. But last week was the week of business.

ON tuesday Odia and I went to the doctor and got some great news ( no we are not pregnant YET!!) other good news. Then in the afternoon I went to the sleep clinic to pick up my CPAP machine to help treat my Sleep Apnea which I have been told I have. Now I have to wear this mask to sleep. What happens is air gets blown through my nose to help keep my throat from closing. THe results are that I no longer snore (Praise the Lord says Odia) and i don't stop breath in my sleep. Since I have been on the machine I actually feel rested and alert all day.
then at 5 pm i had to go to work till 10pm.

I worked every night except thursday. Some how God gave energy to do all this even though I had a killer cold all week. And I didn't great cranky. That's Amazing!!!!

Anyway today I have been listenig t oteaching tapes and reasding the word . While i've been doing this I keep thinking that Jesus is going to show up in the room where I am. Its freaking me out!!! But I want it to happen. Pray that I will be able to learn the things he wants me to learn.
Larry at 4:03 PM

Monday, February 21

God's Invitation

This weekend I experienced a very solid time of confirmation, vision and impartation. Areas of contention that have beeen stirring in me for years came into a new perpective. When you get past all the fluff, God imparted in me an ablity to be confident in my relationship with HIM and be confident in HIS ability to speak thorugh me to others. My heart is just exploding with possibility and faith. My mind has found new place of renewal and also a freshnesss in where that energy is found. Its in the place of study and prayer.

Larry at 11:49 AM

Tuesday, February 15

Life today

Well my dad went home today they said he had a stomach infection and a lung infection. So they gave himsome medications an sent himhome. He has made a decision to sell his business and retire, finally. I'm so glad it wasn't any worst than that. He is quite the stressed out puppy though . I had a chance to pray for him and that was a very positive experince . Thanks for all your prayers and support.

On a different note , I'm just stoked about going to KC tommorrow. I really feel like there is goin to be dome positive downloads into our spirits down there.

Larry at 11:26 PM

Sunday, February 13

Dad's health update

I was at the hospital today to see my Dad. He seems to be doing alright. The nurse said that he gave them quite a scare, He colapsed when he entered the hospital. They ran a battery of tests and they say that its not his heart . Their going to do a CAT scan on him tommorrow.

Thanks for your prayers

Larry at 11:35 PM

Saturday, February 12

Prayer Cocern

My dad went into the hospital today at 5:00. They think it was a heart attack. He had chest pains and high blood pressure. Anyway keep him in your prayers.

Larry at 11:39 PM


I'm finding myself getting frustrated with certain elements of my internshhip. Most of which I can't share in this blog but if you can please pray for me to gain perpective in this time that would be great. What i have discovered in the process is that I definitely am not alone in this experince. I had a great discussion with a youth pastor friend of mine and he was able to shead alot of light on my situation. I'm determind to find my way in this. I definitely know that God is equipping me for something either here or somewhere else.

Did anyone see the PRIMETIME special on " John of God". It was very interesting. He's a healer form Brazil. They say that he is the greatest healer since Jesus. I see his roots in thew Catholic Church kind of a metamorphosis of catholic tradition. Any comments?

Talk to you later!

Larry at 4:42 PM

Wednesday, February 9

I'm so excited!!!

A week from today I will be on my way to Kansas City to the IHOP.(international House of Prayer) I think that God is really going to speak to us there. At least whenever I've gone a long distance to seek the l Lord it has always been a fruitful experience. So that is what I am praying for today is that God would minister to us and reveal his plans for us as individuals and alos for the community to some degree. I believe that the Kingdom is caught and not taught.

I 've sat through probably 10,000 meetings in my life and this has been my experience.

Lord set my face as Flint to your sharpening.. I want to know you more ... I want my spirit to respond to your leading..... Give me an increased hunger for your word. That i may know you deeper. ( by the way I'm listeing to nightwatch 24/7 radio while I'm typng this

Thank you God for today

Larry at 4:09 PM

Monday, February 7

Being sick

So Odia and I are both sick today. I think that it may be a result of some funky McD's that we had last night. Anyway I think that mine may be a bit more serious than I expected. So pray for me.
Well today we had a very productive staff meeting and I felt more at home than i have so far. i'm staring to get a little more direction and just sharing the things that I been working on gives me directiion and really encourages me to go further. In the past I have tended to have a glorfied view of leadership but now through this time i'm learning more and more how much our leaders are driven to serve. That is the focus of leadership how to sreve more effectively.

Ever think about " Spiritual leadership" and how to become a spirtiual leader? The only way is to bring your self to feet of Jesus and get to know him. Brian challenged me to read the Bible listen to teaching tapes, pray, do the stuff. The more I do this the more I want to keep doing it. On thing I really stuggle with is watching to much TV. Lately though the more time i spend in study and pray the more bored I get with TV. What are we here for anyway? Just stop and think about that for a second. TV perpetuates a lifestyle that battles for our hearts.

I just loved what happened on Sunday! I really felt God touching our hearts. It was great

Larry at 9:43 PM

First day on the blog

Well I've finally made it into the blogger community. Thanks for all your comments so far even though I have no postings! Anyway I guess its time to get down to outlining the purpose of this blog. Well I thought it would be good to jounal my thoughts and experiences during my time as an intern at WCV; to be able to share what God is doing in my life. Thats the nuts and bolts of it.

So its a month into my internship and i'm still learning how to deal with people and their working styles and mannerisms. But i think i'm finally getting it. My area of responsiblity is that of prayer ministry. That is something i'm quite driven to do. i think that's because I have had significant healing myself through ministry. As well i think its just part of my gift mix.

Well that's all for now ( pretty sucky blog hey, I'm not inspired right now so there!!!)

Larry at 11:30 AM

Thursday, February 3

Larry at 8:50 PM