Larry's Journal: Hello Again

Monday, February 28

Hello Again

Its been a while sice I last blogged. I'm sorry. But last week was the week of business.

ON tuesday Odia and I went to the doctor and got some great news ( no we are not pregnant YET!!) other good news. Then in the afternoon I went to the sleep clinic to pick up my CPAP machine to help treat my Sleep Apnea which I have been told I have. Now I have to wear this mask to sleep. What happens is air gets blown through my nose to help keep my throat from closing. THe results are that I no longer snore (Praise the Lord says Odia) and i don't stop breath in my sleep. Since I have been on the machine I actually feel rested and alert all day.
then at 5 pm i had to go to work till 10pm.

I worked every night except thursday. Some how God gave energy to do all this even though I had a killer cold all week. And I didn't great cranky. That's Amazing!!!!

Anyway today I have been listenig t oteaching tapes and reasding the word . While i've been doing this I keep thinking that Jesus is going to show up in the room where I am. Its freaking me out!!! But I want it to happen. Pray that I will be able to learn the things he wants me to learn.
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