Larry's Journal: Addiction

Thursday, March 10


I think, no I know I'm addicted to food and TV. These are the things that distract me from God. This week has been a battle just to read. But i'm choosing to push delete and go on.

I'm learning just how fragmented my relationship with God is. Fragmented in the way that as soon as I find out a little more about him, he takes me on another joyride to discover him in a new way. It can get fairly eghausting. A few eeks ago I mentioned the incident where I was overcome with the fear of the Lord. Well ever since that day I lost a little bit of what God was trying to teach me. I think I was supposed to stay in that place until I learned what it was that He wanted to teach me. Now how do I get back there or will I ever get back there.

Anyway I am just going to keep pushing forward you can't go wrong doing that.
Larry at 3:26 PM


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