Larry's Journal: April 2005

Monday, April 11


"The purpose driven Life", "Seizing your divine momment" are some of the books I've tried to read but have only sadly gotten half through. I don't know what it is but I only seem to get halfway through these types of books. I guess part of it is that I am a little undisciplined and put it off until another day. But I also think it has to do with what God has to say to me about me. These authors have had their own rema encouters with God. I want my own encouters. What if I all took the time to sit and be quiet for half hour every day and concentrated on who God made me to be and who I am to him( His child, his bride, made in his likeness). I wonder if that would change my attitude about how I live out my salvation on earth. I'll try to keep you posted.
Larry at 5:59 PM