Larry's Journal: October 2005

Wednesday, October 19

Getting more web savvy

I'm about five years behind all of you guys out there when it comes operqating my computer and utilizing the power it contains to organize my life. Well I finally learned how to make a group e-mail and send it Bcc. Thanks Yvonne.

As well I'm now a"skype" user. I talked to John Janzen in Japan. FOR FREE YET!!!!
That was very amazing. I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes at me saying " well I was doing that two years ago you nimrod!!" But that doesn't bother me. I'm on a new path here and this only one step in the right direction.

I think that I'm finally catching up on the ten years of sleep I lost before I knew I had Sleep Apnea. I feel so much more awake and alert and my brain is actually functioning at a normal level not on the boarderline TMH(trainable mentally handicapped) status level a few months ago.

I'm now just geting over my cold and I seemed to have lost my voice so that is why I am bloggin today. I was told that Zinc is great for building up your immune system so all of who are struggling just buy some Zinc and it will make you feel better right away. I seem to be writing in a nmenno sort of way today so pardon me. I'll get out of it soon


Larry at 7:38 PM

Tuesday, October 4

I'm Blacklisted

So admittedly I haven't blogged for a long time but here I go again. Sorry to all of you who check my blog on a somewaht regular basis. I will try to keep things a little more current. Which probably won't be hard to do now. I guess in this situation you can say theres only one way to go and thats up.

Well lately I've started a new job and I'm am just loving it. I'm in Grade one. These kids are great. Its very refreshing to be in an enviroment where every new experience is cherished. Its like getting a new set of lenses. Everything is so special and new. Like the other day we took the kids bowling and for some it was their first time. They had such a greatime.

In the mornings before school starts we say the Lord's Prayer (for those students whose parents sign the permission form) and It was like God gave me an image of how he sees us. All standing around trying to do the stuff as best as we can, and He's probably saying " ah isn't that cute Larry is trying so hard. he's so cute......

Anyway I'm loving housegroup. God has givin me a lot of jam for it this year. I'm so glad for his grace on it.

Larry at 5:33 PM