Larry's Journal: December 2005

Friday, December 9


God loves relationships. I'm convinced of it. He picks individuals and groups to lead others into new places. When we look through scripture we see how he loves to have personal relationships as well as corporate ones. As well he loves to works through these relationships.

I have mixed emotions about the new direction of our body. On one hand I think it is great that God is rasing up people with a passion to pray for our city and focus their attention on it. On the other hand I will miss them. But I know God is faithful to raise up leaders. Look at what has happened to us. David & Anita, Colin & Cynthia, Jan & Coral all were called to other places and the story continues and multiplies. Nathan & Kendra, John & Violet, and all the elders and coordinatros carrying us into a new season. I'm excited too. Because with change comes growth in who we are as believers. Something happens when peoole leave and your now needing to fill roles. We are encouraged to see what roles we have to fill. But this is what God wants.

I am convinced that this is something God wants in our city. (You don't spend three or four years pursueing something without hearing about it from God)

I want to join hearts and support this move. Bless you guys.

Larry at 12:36 PM